About BYA

“99% practice, 1% theory”
Balance Yoga is the best Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga studio in Atlanta because our teachers are experienced and passionate in their commitment to this practice. We strive to use this age-old practice (often in conjunction with music in the Vinyasa flow classes) to create intense classes that not only challenge the body, mind and soul, but are also invigorating and encourage discipline and growth. Our teachers teach yoga, they practice yoga, and they are constantly striving to learn more about this life-long practice. The teachers are also very experienced and knowledgeable (several with 10 years + practicing/teaching). If you are ready to experience the best yoga classes for the mind, body and spirit, Balance Yoga is the place for you. We offer the following class styles, taught with as much attention to tradition as possible:

Our Ashtanga Classes are taught from the practical and philosophic basis of Ashtanga yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. We emphasize the main components of Ashtanga yoga- Vinyasa (linking the breath to movement) and Tristhana (the three places of attention: posture, breathing system and looking place). Ashtanga yoga is a very physical and mental practice that, if practiced regularly, will help students lose weight, sleep better, de-stress and feel better overall. We offer a rotating basics series for those new to the practice, led classes, as well as Mysore-style classes. Students will move through the set sequences of postures in a safe and challenging environment. (Ashtanga yoga involves set sequences of postures, or series, that do not vary). It is highly recommended that eventually students move into the Mysore-style classes, as this traditional method of teaching is the most effective way to immerse oneself in this incredible practice.

Our Vinyasa Flow classes link movement and breath to open up, lengthen and strengthen the body mind and spirit. These classes differ, at least slightly, every time.

Balance Yoga offers classes for all levels of students, from the absolute beginner to the more advanced practitioner.

“Do the practice and all else will follow.”- Sri K. Pattabhi Jois