New Students

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” Dr. Suess

* Be prepared to work hard, sweat and, learn and grow.
* Be committed to your practice- the more you do it, the more quickly you feel it and the greater the benefit. Like any discipline, if you don’t do it very often, don’t expect results. The suggested minimum amount is three times per week. If you simply can not get here that often, just do your best.

* Please use common yoga etiquette. Please be on your mat 5 minutes before class begins and try to be quiet in the practice room- DO YOUR BEST TO NOT COME LATE OR LEAVE EARLY. IT IS VERY DISTRACTING TO OTHERS. WE LOCK THE DOOR FIVE MINUTES AFTER CLASS START TIMES. Additionally, please replace props neatly.
* Bring a mat, large towel and water (we also rent and sell these items, as well as yoga clothes)
* Dress comfortably and drink lots of water before and after class
* Don’t wear heavy perfume or jewelry
* No mobile phones in studio

* Do not eat for at least two hours before classes
* Classes are 90 minutes unless otherwise noted (60 minute/75 minute classes noted on schedule)
* Be aware that class cards have an expiration policy. Also, be aware that there are NO REFUNDS issued after 14 days before a scheduled workshop. Full refunds will be issued up to this point. Thank you.

Suggested order of classes

The suggested order of classes for students new to Ashtanga yoga and/or vinyasa flow yoga, or for those for whom it has been a while since they have consistently practiced, is to sign up for the 6-week Basics of Yoga Series. This is a series of classes in which, over the course of several weeks, students learn the foundation for Ashtanga yoga including breath, bandhas and drishti, sun salutations, standing postures and more. These classes are sequential and build on one another. Each week, another “piece of the puzzle” will be added in managable amounts so that the student becomes comfortable with and learns the asanas (postures) in a manner that is both challenging and accessible. The next basics “series” will be starting Sunday, February 19 at 11:45am, Tuesday, February 21 at 7:30pm, and Thursday, February 23 at 9:30am.

These classes also help students new to vinyasa flow yoga in that students will build strength and stamina, as well as learn the breath work, bandhas, and some basic postures/sun salutations that translate very well to vinyasa flow style classes.

So, to recap, the suggested order of classes is:

  • Basics series (as often as possible), and/or privates
  • Mysore
  • Led Primary series, and/or mysore, and/or vinyasa flow

If you are not comfortable attending a series, we offer privates as well. Private lessons are a great way to quickly learn the foundations for this life changing practice.