What Do You Do When You Come Across Difficulty in Your Practice?

Marsha: When I hit a plateau, I keep practicing. I look for inspiration from the students, my fellow teachers, workshops, reading, and youtube videos. 😉 When I get an injury, I keep practicing but I practice with more awareness so that I am able to heal myself.

Kathy: When I come across difficulty in my practice, I continue to practice.  I also do as much research as I can. Difficulty in practice will make you more of an investigator.  I really pay attention to my practice to figure things out.  This can also come from  a variety of sources like  talking to other students, teachers, and friends to be very helpful. Sometimes we just want to know someone else has been there. However, at the end of the day the practice is a very personal thing. It wants you to explore and go deeper so I usually have to wait until I figure it out for myself.

Rebecca: When my motivation wanes I try to get started with the thought that if I need to stop I can…I have never once regretted getting on my mat.

Jackie: Breathe and let go. Same for life. The more you struggle the more it (the pose of life) will fight you back. Complete surrender and letting myself be with whatever is going on. Easier said then done but that is my focus.

Joanne: When I encounter difficulty in my practice I remind myself about all I have gained and just keep going one day on the mat at a time.