New Student Information

Next 4-Week Beginner Series:

Saturday, September 12th from 8:30-9:30am (Classes are on Saturdays AND Sundays for 4 weeks at 8:30am and are approximately 1 hour)

Pre-registration is recommended.

Cost: $150 for 8 beginner semi-private classes and reference materials.

All are welcome! Class size is limited to 5. Can be on Zoom or at the studio.

How to Start?

We have a few ways for you to begin.

Private Lessons

Privates are a great way to begin as you have the teacher’s fullest attention and you can learn the ropes at your own pace. Many of our longest students started on privates and then seamlessly moved into Mysore-style classes. Email us to schedule your privates:

4-Week Beginner Series

In this series, you’ll learn the basics of the ashtanga method. You’re not required to have any previous experience. Simply come as you are and we will teach you how to focus your mind and lighten up your body. If you want to enhance your life in every way- sign up for our next series. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays and are approximately 1 hour.

Intro to Ashtanga Mysore Practice

Over the course of two hours, you will be guided through a doable, yet powerful amount of the series which will serve as the foundation of your ashtanga practice. This workshop will demystify mysore style classes and will give you the confidence to begin your journey. This workshop includes reference materials as well as a 30-day unlimited class pass. Next one: TBD

​Simply show up for a class that works for your schedule and we will meet you where you are. 

**Keep in mind, ashtanga is the perfect yoga for beginners because the sequence is progressive and we teach you EXACTLY where you are are. We find the perfect challenge for you: not too much, not too little. There is no requirement for strength, flexibility, or mental focus; only a desire to learn and grow is needed. Expect to be treated respectfully, warmly, and taught in digestible chunks. Beginners will be taught how to breath properly, sun salutations, some standing poses, and a short closing. Once that short sequence is memorized, we will teach you more. It is such a fun process! Join us. We love beginners!

***If you’re new to our shala but not to ashtanga, sign up for one of our new student specials: 3 classes for $25 OR $75 for 30 days of unlimited yoga. (These specials cannot be used for the Beginner Series Classes but can be purchased AFTER attending a 4-Week Beginner Series). We would love to have you!***

Helpful Tips for Beginners

  • Be prepared to work hard, sweat, learn and grow.
  • Be committed to your practice–the more you do it, the more quickly you feel it and the greater the benefit. Like any discipline, if you don’t do it very often, don’t expect results. The suggested minimum amount is three times per week. If you simply can not get here that often, just do your best!
  • Bring a mat and a towel. They are available to rent at the studio as well.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Don’t wear perfume or jewelry.
  • Do not eat for at least two hours before classes.
  • Be aware that class cards have an expiration policy. Also, be aware that there are NO REFUNDS issued after 14 days before a scheduled workshop. Full refunds will be issued up to this point. Thank you.