Tim Feldmann Virtual Weekend Workshop

November 13-15, 2020


Friday: 8-10am Mysore style Class $25

Named after the city where Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois developed their yoga method, this is is the classic way Ashtanga Yoga is taught. A melting pot of yoga practitioners of all levels from beginner to advanced, this class sets out to offer personalized guidance to every practitioner at exactly where you need it most. Build relationship with yourself, your practice and your teacher in this inspiring energy. Come experience and honor the Ashtanga Yoga’s five thousand year old lineage of teachers, sages and gurus, R. Sharath Jois and every Ashtanga practitioner today.

5-6:30pm How Yoga Works (Yoga Talk) $25

Yoga practice has become many westerners favorite path to health and fitness, and without a doubt it serves this purpose well. Surprisingly, all the yoga postures we find so useful to our body’s well-being, are a small piece within a much bigger wheel revolving towards a more ambitious goal. This ancient Indian art suggests that by yoga practice we can uncover an innate seed of joy and belonging, freedom and peace – this session explains how the asanas create that link.


Saturday:  8-10am Mysore style Class $25

12-2pm WorkshopAccess You Spine – How To Make Your Spine More Supple $25

This class offers means and methods towards making your spine more flexible, soothing and ready for yoga back bending. The backbends in yoga are considered most beneficial to us, with many health favors. Furthermore, they offer an entry into our psychology and a experiential understanding of the Patanjali’s yoga. We will take base in passive stretches and work towards active lengthening, all to prepare the body for the back bends of the Ashtanga sequences. You will need 2 yoga blocks and a blanket for this class. All levels welcome.


Sunday:  8-10am Mysore style Class $25

12-2pm Workshop:  Strength, Bandhas and Lifting $25

Yoga proposes that we have two bodies – the external, physical body and the internal more subtle body. By making our physical body healthy, strong and flexible we find ourselves inhabiting a more enjoyable physical realm and our asana gets more successful. When we combine that with subtle activations of the internal body we begin to experience further control and success. This class aims at identifying key patterns and activations useful for more strength based movements in yoga such as jump-throughs, plank and other weight bearing on our arms.

Entire Workshop $125



About Tim Feldmann

Tim is the founding and captain of the world-wide recognized Miami Life Center which he runs with his wife Kino MacGregor. He has practiced yoga since 1994 and Ashtanga Since 1999. Authorized to teach by Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois he explores core concepts and modern boundaries of Patanjali’s yoga teachings alike. A practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga’s Advanced A Series Tim is dedicated to Ashtanga’s traditional method. Drawing upon his past as an internationally successful dancer and acclaimed choreographer, anatomy, alignment and technique is his second nature. Tim has been pursuing in-depth studies of Patanjali, Sankhya and Vedanta over the past 7 years with Vidwan Nagaraja Rao, Jayashree & Narasimha and other exceptional scholars in India. Cherished worldwide for his fun, disciplined and detailed pursuit of authentic yoga and his compassionately effective touch, Tim travels to Yoga Shalas around the globe with the inclusive message of how study, steadiness and devotion is the means to powerful transformation both inside and outside of us.

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6-Part Intensive Series: An Ashtanga Exploration


Join Marsha and Kathy for six Sundays over the course of nine months to dive deeper into your personal practice. Pulling from nearly 20 years each of ashtanga experience, these two are putting their heads together to formulate 40 hours of practice that will take you further into asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and yogic philosophy. Each Sunday will focus on a different main topic. Students are encouraged to attend all six installments; however, one can gain insight and benefit from picking and choosing the sessions that resonate.

Sunday Dates:

7:30-9:00am- seated practices which include meditation, chanting, and pranayama
9:00am-11:00am- Mysore practice
12:00-3:00pm- Conference and asana in depth exploration

Week 1:Building a solid foundation. Topics include but are not limited to breaking down sun salutations to optimize foundational movement patterns, fine tune the breath and the tristana method.

Week 2: Building strength- getting in tune with the bandhas, legs, and serratus anterior. Deepening mental focus to build strength.

Week 3: Learning to soften- working on letting go of those typically tight areas like the upper abdomen, shoulder, upper back, and hamstrings.

Week 4: Move like water- finding more grace and ease in the practice. Using the vinyasa method and specific breathing techniques to find a more efficient flow. Here we will work on lifting up and jumping back and how to connect deeper to the psoas and spine.

Week 5: Facing your fears- we will be going over backbends, inversions, and letting go. This session will be focused on areas that spark fear and how to start working with and not against fear.

Week 6: Creating sustainability- this is a lifelong practice. Learning to make the practice smarter and not harder.

All 6 sessions: $495
Individual sessions: $108