6-Part Intensive Series: An Ashtanga Exploration


Join Marsha and Kathy for six Sundays over the course of nine months to dive deeper into your personal practice. Pulling from nearly 20 years each of ashtanga experience, these two are putting their heads together to formulate 40 hours of practice that will take you further into asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and yogic philosophy. Each Sunday will focus on a different main topic. Students are encouraged to attend all six installments; however, one can gain insight and benefit from picking and choosing the sessions that resonate.

Sunday Dates:

7:30-9:00am- seated practices which include meditation, chanting, and pranayama
9:00am-11:00am- Mysore practice
12:00-3:00pm- Conference and asana in depth exploration

Week 1:Building a solid foundation. Topics include but are not limited to breaking down sun salutations to optimize foundational movement patterns, fine tune the breath and the tristana method.

Week 2: Building strength- getting in tune with the bandhas, legs, and serratus anterior. Deepening mental focus to build strength.

Week 3: Learning to soften- working on letting go of those typically tight areas like the upper abdomen, shoulder, upper back, and hamstrings.

Week 4: Move like water- finding more grace and ease in the practice. Using the vinyasa method and specific breathing techniques to find a more efficient flow. Here we will work on lifting up and jumping back and how to connect deeper to the psoas and spine.

Week 5: Facing your fears- we will be going over backbends, inversions, and letting go. This session will be focused on areas that spark fear and how to start working with and not against fear.

Week 6: Creating sustainability- this is a lifelong practice. Learning to make the practice smarter and not harder.

All 6 sessions: $495
Individual sessions: $108