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Studio News

Sunday Mysore 8:30-10:30am is now fully vaccinated! Sign up and send us your vaccination card ASAP! We’ve missed you!

We are located at 1174-B Zonolite Place, one block from our old location in the beautiful Pure Motion Yoga studio. The space is beautiful and welcoming with windows that open, a medical grade air purifier, and plenty of space to stay socially distanced. Come by for a class, to say hello, or to attend the Beginner Series. All are welcome!

 4-Week Beginner Series starts Saturday, July 9th 

Join me for 8 semi-private classes in-person or online to explore the fundamentals of ashtanga yoga. This series is a perfect way to start OR return to the practice as we will move slowly and deliberately through the foundational postures of the sequence. Join me for to learn this life changing discipline. Classes are held on Saturdays at 7am (in-person and online) and Sundays at 11am (online only). $150 Investment.

Check out our 30-minute guided classes on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8am.

In these classes, I will lead you through the sun salutations and standing postures. After the sequence, you are welcome to finish on your own or continue into the mysore class. These classes are in-person and online. Come for a short yet powerful experience. Take advantage of our 10 class deal for $108.


About Us

“99% practice, 1% theory”

Balance Yoga is committed to offering the highest quality classes where students can learn and experience yoga: union and concentration. Through progressive techniques of breathing and movement, students will experience greater peace and well-being–physically, mentally, and spiritually. One does not need experience, a certain level of physical aptitude, a particular shape or size, but just a desire to become more connected and feel more joy. We have created a schedule and series to welcome anyone that wants to learn this transformative practice. Whether you are looking for improved physical health (strength and flexibility), mental health (increased focus and less anxiety) or for spiritual endeavors, this yoga is for you. And fortunately, since the mind/body/spirit connection is tangible you will begin to feel the effects immediately.

What is Ashtanga Yoga? Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga that utilizes the breath and a specific gazing point (drishti) as one moves from pose to pose. Synchronizing the breath and movement elicits a meditative flow that builds heat and concentration to focus the mind and detoxify and balance the body. Each pose varies in intensity and benefit. All students begin with the sun salutations A and B to set the rhythm of the practice in motion from the very first breath. There are six series total but the aim is not to accumulate poses but rather to restore health and connect with your higher self. The method is taught in the traditional Mysore-style where student are taught individually or in a Led-style format where students are taught in a group and in unison.


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Marsha McNeight


Marsha began practicing ashtanga yoga shortly after graduating from GSU with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. She thrived on the discipline, strength, and clarity that the practice provided.
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